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dimanche 1 juin 2014

Yeah I Know It Sucks : A Taste Of Win

artist: Jorge Bernstein & the pioupioufuckers
title: A Taste Of Win
format: floppy diskette
keywords: alternative, garage, lobit
label: Super Apes Label
reviewer: Willem van O.
A cute floppy diskette filled up with five low fidelity tracks too rock out on is exactly what Jorge Bernstein & the pioupioufuckers have delivered. It is perfect music for raunchy late night dancing, some alternative day time boogie: swinging all day rock pop that wants to make you all sweaty and hot & turns every location in a bar-like one. There is nothing to nag about or to poke fun at,as this is sounding like raw solid fun that just rambles effectively in its to the point alternative garage rock style.
Compressed to satisfy the floppy crowd and also the lobit lo-fi fetishists; the tracks could be delightfully described as micro punk!
You are free to go to the following link and get your hands on one of these precious floppy diskettes:

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